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Weave is an industry initiative aimed at promoting its companies and their unique expertise on the Internet. By becoming a Weave partner or advertiser, you’ll be taking concrete action to develop our industry. When you do so, a world of opportunities will open up to you. Thanks to our collective marketing efforts, it will be easier to promote your company’s added value to a targeted clientele searching for the products and services you offer.

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* To be listed in our Canadian Supplier List, you must select a paid plan. The Courtesy Partners will be displayed in our Business Directory only.

Pricing And Services Adapted To Your Needs



Number of employees Period Price
Performance 1 to 50 employees 1 year $325
2 years $550
51 to 250 employees 1 year $425
2 years $750
251 employees or more 1 year $525
2 years $950
Business All company sizes 1 year $100
Courtesy All company sizes - $0


Newsletter and website advertising


Advertising leaderboard

Not a partner Business Partner Performance Partner
Homepage leaderboard, 728 x 90 / 30 days $150 $100 $75
Big box in news section, 300 x 250 / 30 days $150 $100 $75
Newsletter leaderboard, 728 x 90 / 1 edition $200 $150 $100
Combo: 1 banner / 30 days + 1 newsletter leaderboard / 1 edition $300 $200 $150
Trio 2 website banners (big box + leaderboard / 30 days) + newsletter banner / one edition $400 $300 $200

1- Buying advertising space is subject to availability. To provide the community with access to advertising spaces, Weave reserves the right to limit the annual frequency and quantity of ads run by its advertisers.

2- Rates are subject to change without notice.

3- Material supplied by the advertiser + additional design fees.

Who can advertise on Weave?

Priority access to Weave’s advertising is reserved for its partners. Other companies serving the technical textile industry (products or services) may advertise on Weave’s website and newsletter, subject to the availability of advertising spaces. 

Contact us to find out about the availability of advertising spaces. 

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