Regitex launches its own training campus

Regitex launches its own training campus

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This September, the new Regitex Campus will welcome it’s first cohort of 10-15 students wishing to be skilled in textile production.

“The training will allow the students to learn the transformation process from fiber to fabric, numerous specific processes, the machinery and equipment” enthusiastically expressed by Kathrine Mathieu, the recent company owner, during a video interview on

Located in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, Regitex is a family-owned business that manufactures yarns for various textile industries. Employing 70 workers. 

The training program was developed in collaboration with the Centre de services scolaires de la Beauce-Etchemin and the Comité sectoriel de l'industrie textile du Québec (CSMO Textile). The program targets people between 18-30 years old.

Students who complete the 18-month program (theoretical and practical), will receive a diploma (DEP) of Production equipment operator. Registrants are paid while trained and enriched through special eco-responsible projects and leadership classes. 

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