Wear it Smart 2022 - Healthcare Smart Garments and Wearables

Wear it Smart 2022  - Healthcare Smart Garments and Wearables

Vestechpro, Apparel Research and Innovation Center, will present the fifth edition of Wear It Smart on March 10, 2022, in a fully online formal, its flagship event on smart apparel and accessories. The challenges faced by healthcare players, the theme chosen for this major event, are more current than ever. Conferences delivered by academic experts, industry professionals, and research actors as well as round tables and workshops will enhance the event focusing on experience sharing.


Smart Garments and Wearables - Vectors for Integrating New Technologies in Healthcare

The healthcare sector faces many challenges such as an aging population, workforce scarcity, or the increase and diversification of needs. Nevertheless, these various issues also present themselves as opportunities for innovation for companies and researchers. At the same time, innovative technologies are being developed and their use is opening up new perspectives for businesses and include digital modelling, information and communication technologies, technical materials or the increasing importance of resource and service management software in which the future of healthcare is emerging. Furthermore, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, data analysis or even artificial intelligence can provide an answer to the challenges facing this sector. However, to take advantage of these various technologies, it is necessary to integrate them into the clinical value chain, through smart clothing and apparel.

Equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities to set up a diagnostic, telemedicine or diagnostic system, smart clothing and apparel make it possible to collect data through the integration of biometric sensors while maintaining the intrinsic characteristics of more traditional clothing and apparel in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics for the patient. These products are therefore beneficial for patients, but also for medical teams. However, their development is complex and requires multiple skills and expertise. In that respect, Wear It Smart 2022 aims to be a unifying event around the theme of smart clothing and apparel in healthcare.


Conferences - Panels - Round tables - Workshops

Speakers will be invited to share their experiences and their vision of smart clothing for the healthcare industry, as well as the challenges they face.

Researchers will contribute to the event by presenting their work supporting the development of these products from a methodological or technological point of view.

Contributions could thus be a sharing of entrepreneurial experiences, testimonies on the challenges and issues facing this sector, research work relating to the development of these projects, examples of applications such as telemedicine, or technologies that will be available in a few years.

Finally, round tables and workshops will focus on the contribution of smart clothing and apparel to healthcare and the issues related to their development. The success of the development of smart clothing is based on multidisciplinary collaboration, access to innovative materials, connectivity, cybersecurity, the collection and processing of heterogeneous data, the mastery and integration of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality or even flexible electronics. Added to this are the ethical, regulatory, and normative aspects specific to medical products and which play a key role in the marketing and promote the marketing and adoption of these garments.


Information and registration for the March 10, 2022 event: www.wearitsmartconf.com

Source: Vestechpro, Paulette Kaci, +1 514-328-3813, ext. 2883


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